Blox Fruits: Best Fighting Style Tier List in Update 20 (2024)

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Which one wins the most fights?

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Blox Fruits: Best Fighting Style Tier List in Update 20 (2)

Have you ever thought to yourself that you may have already used every fruit under the sun to level up faster in Blox Fruits? Or maybe you’ve already used all of the swords available? Well, don’t think that you’re running out of content to fiddle around with just yet, you still have fighting styles after all.

Fighting styles are what your characters are literally built on, going up against another player with a different style is like playing rock paper scissors but with extra steps. If you’re still thinking what those extra steps might be then you definitely need to check out the tier list below!

Best Fighting Style Tier List in Update 20

There’s a total of 12 fighting styles in Blox Fruits. They’re one of the four main ways to deal damage in the game. The other ways include using your fruits, swords, or guns.

You can learn these fighting styles from different teachers throughout the game. Now let’s see if we can get you out of the Basic Combat Fighting style4 and into something better!

Blox Fruits: Best Fighting Style Tier List in Update 20 (3)

S Tier

  • Electric Claw – There’s only two type of people that play in the third sea who don’t have Electric Claw. That’s people with Godhuman and Dragon Talon. Electric Claw has pretty fast M1 attacks with little lunges that clear the gap between you and your target. It also has a stun that lasts longer if you hold on to the Z key.
  • Dragon Talon – Has the most damage out of all the fighting styles. Everyone in reach of you will be wary of your Talon Lighter skill. Get this skill to connect and your enemy will be force-fed flames that turn from orange to blue as it goes through their esophagus. You can also control the fireball you launch from Ember Annihilation with your mouse.
    • Basically, this is a mini nuke you can have explode on impact or whenever it reaches its maximum distance.
  • Godhuman – Gives you a ton of combo potential with every fruit, sword, and guns you use. Again, your Z ability gives you a good amount of stuns while your X does two things in one. If tapped, you release a gust of wind that blows your opponent away.
    • If held then you generate a massive whirlwind that keeps on expanding. Hold on to this skill longer and you’ll be able to hit enemies above and below you.
  • Sanguine Art – This is the flashiest style out of everything that’s on this list, and it doesn’t stop there. When doing the Goreslash Combo (basic M1) you don’t have to get close to your enemy. Just stand mid-range and the slashes will cut them down from two steps away.
    • Getting your health back is also possible with the Z ability. If the name isn’t already obvious then yes, this basically turns you into a vampire.

A Tier

  • Superhuman – One of the few surprises the second sea has in store for you. Not only does it do more damage compared to the other styles you pick up, it also has long stuns that can be very useful during raids.

B Tier

  • Sharkman Karate – People will simply make new moves these days and name a whole fighting style around it. You can get this fighting style in the second sea. With Sharkman Karate you get three abilities, the damage output is decent along with the combos you can pull off. It can even be used for PVP, well, sometimes.
  • Dragon’s Breath – Also known as discount Dragon Talon. You get this in the second sea while the upgraded is in the third. It’s the same idea with Combat and Dark Step: you get this by chance maybe and you simply replace it when something better comes up as you progress.
  • Death Step – The best part about Death Step is Vermillion Drill. That’s about it. Winding up Rocket Kick and Wind Bullet takes forever, which leaves you open for a follow-up attack. The ultimate adds fire to the rest of your skills though, making it way better than Dark Step.

C Tier

  • Combat – This is literally the fighting style you start with. Nobody in their right mind sticks with this style, not even for fun. It’s considered to be rarest style because nobody will ever teach you Combat ever again once you unlearn it.
  • Dark Step – You usually graduate to Dark Step coming from combat. While Barrage can be quite useful at times most of the other moves just don’t do much. That and the Ultimate ability takes forever to cool down, even if you haven’t used it yet.
  • Electric – High damage at the expense of you growing a beard while waiting for the cooldown. That alone makes this ill-suited for PVP.
  • Water Kung Fu – This is where the Sharkman Karate creator got his naming conventions from. It’s unevolved as it is the first form of the style, you only throw around your opponent with water splashes and not much more.
Blox Fruits: Best Fighting Style Tier List in Update 20 (4)

And those are all of the best fighting styles for Blox Fruits Update 20. Now that you know which ones are worth getting, go ahead and start respeccing!

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Blox Fruits

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Blox Fruits: Best Fighting Style Tier List in Update 20 (2024)


What is the best fighting style in Blox fruits update? ›

Best Fighting Styles in Blox Fruits
  • Sanguine Art - This Style gives you unique life leech abilities. ...
  • Godhuman - This Style is one of the most varied in Blox Fruits. ...
  • Dragon Talon - Last but not least, Dragon Talon is the best Style for grinding.
Jun 12, 2024

What is the best fruit in Blox fruits for fighting? ›

Here are the best fruits for Blox Fruits PvP:
AKitsune, Shadow, Portal, String, Paw, Control, Gravity
BT-Rex, Flame, Magma, Dark, Love, Sand, Quake, Rumble, Rubber
CRevive, Falcon, Barrier, Spin, Diamond
DChop, Kilo, Smoke, Spike, Spring
1 more row
Apr 10, 2024

What fighting style is best for Buddha? ›

What fighting style is good for buddha? Sharkman Karate is the best, although Water Kung Fu is also good. 1 more question which is better dragon breath or water kungfu? Any tips to solo the Buddha raid boss?

How to get God human? ›

To get God Human in Blox Fruits, you'll need 400 mastery in Dragon Talon, Superhuman, Death Step, Electic Claw, and Sharkman Karate. Gather your materials. You'll need the following materials: 20 Fish Tails, 20 Magma Ore, 10 Dragon Scales, and 10 Mystic Droplets, as well as $5,000,000 and 5,000 fragments.

Which fighting style is best for grinding? ›

AOE: 7.5/10

One of the best fighting style for raiding, and grinding. Sharkman Karate is also a good fighting style to use for pvp, if you are experienced and have good aim, but if you don't have good aim it's recommended to use other fighting styles for pvp, but overall it's a good fighting style.

Is electric better than water kung fu? ›

Water Kung Fu is better at PVE and boss fighting, as well as X move being long range and hitbox is pretty good for beginners.

How to get true triple katana? ›

Find the Legendary Sword Dealer and buy three swords from him: Shisui, Wando, and Saddi. With all 3 swords, go to the Mysterious Man in the Green Zone. Talk to the green NPC to get True Triple Katana.

How much is Sharkman karate in Blox Fruits? ›

Get the Water Key dropped by the Tide Keeper boss. Obtain $2,500,000 and 5,000 fragments. Buy Sharkman Karate from Daigrock, the Sharkman, in the Second or Third Sea.

Which fighting style is better, water kung fu or dragon breath? ›

If u get 300 mastery on dragon breath is how you can get super human which is one of the best fighting styles in the game so its kinda worth it for super human....its is because 300 mastery on water kungfu ,electric ,dark step and dragon breath is needed... Water kung fu is better cuz dragon breath is trash.....

What is the best fighting style in blox fruits for sea beast hunting? ›

Leopard or Mammoth is particularly recommended for hunting Sea Beasts, as all of its moves can damage them, even including the roar when transforming. Blizzard or Dough (V2) is also an amazing choice as all moves including F and Tap (Only Dough V2) can damage them.

What is the best fighting style for venom blox fruits? ›

Best fs for venom | Fandom. Electric Claw or Dragon Talon, both have high damage output and high spammability of aggressive combos, making it perfect for Venom.

What code in blox fruit 2024? ›

Working Blox Fruits Codes
CodeReward(s)Date Added
CODESLIDE20 minutes of 2x ExperienceJune 2024
ADMINHACKEDStat ResetMay 2024
ADMINDARES20 minutes of 2x ExperienceMay 2024
fruitconcepts20 minutes of 2x ExperienceMay 2024
31 more rows

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