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👀 Turn any prompt into captivating visuals in seconds with our AI-powered design generator ✨ Try Piktochart AI!

With the Piktochart AI poster generator, you can turn any prompt into a gorgeous poster in seconds. No design skills? No problem. Just tweak it as you wish, then share your poster.

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The new way of creating posters

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Create in a Flash

Prompt to poster in 10 seconds

Say goodbye to complicated design steps. Simply type in your theme and watch as our AI poster maker transforms it into reality.

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AI Image Generation

Bring your vision to life

Go stock photos and generate images that are contextualized to your needs with our advanced AI image generator. Put your creativity to the test and generate highly realistic images that make you stand out.

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Create Without Limits

Where every idea finds its canvas

For events, marketing, learning, or personal creations, Piktochart AI delivers captivating poster designs for every need. Dive into a universe of impressive imagery tailored to suit any subject.

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Create Your Vision

Piktochart starts, you put the finishing touches

Our AI sets the stage with a professionally crafted poster, then passes control to you, allowing you to modify and refine each detail to amplify your visual impact while keeping true to your brand.

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Professionals like you use Piktochart’s free online poster maker to:

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  • Create eye-catching promotional materials that align with brand identity, ideal for advertising campaigns, product launches, and trade shows.
  • Design captivating posters for corporate events, webinars, and conferences.
  • Communicate new offers, services, or store openings.

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HR & Internal Comms

  • Internal announcements, motivational quotes, or event notifications.
  • Job advertisem*nts and onboarding materials to attract and welcome new employees.
  • Convey important company policies and reminders through clear, engaging posters, ensuring better compliance and awareness.

Free AI Poster Maker—Piktochart AI (20)

NGOs and Government Organizations

  • Develop impactful posters for awareness drives, fundraising events, and community outreach programs.
  • Attract volunteers, highlighting the roles, benefits, and the difference they can make.
  • Announce charity events, workshops, and seminars.

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  • Create informative posters on health topics, wellness tips, and medical advisories.
  • Showcase healthcare services, specialist departments, and new medical technologies available at healthcare facilities.
  • Display important health and safety protocols within healthcare settings.

How to Make a Digital Poster

1. Define Your Story

Briefly describe (within 120 characters) the purpose behind your poster. Whether it’s for promotion, making an announcement, driving awareness, or sharing health information.

2. Select from Our Varied Poster Designs

Jumpstart your project with our array of ready-to-use poster templates, perfect for shining a spotlight on any subject. After picking your preferred design, you’ll find yourself in our editing suite.

3. Tweak the Design with Piktochart Editor

With your template chosen, hitting the “Edit” button grants you entry into the Piktochart editor. This is your playground to adjust, alter, and align the design to reflect your personal touch and message.

4. Enhance with Visual Elements

Piktochart’s user-friendly drag-and-drop editor makes personalization a breeze. Tap into our rich collection of complimentary photos, icons, illustrations, and text options to craft a poster that stands out. Enhancing and tailoring colors is just a click away with our versatile design tool.

5. Publish and Promote

Once your poster is exactly as you envisioned, it’s time to save and share your work. Export in various formats like JPG, PNG, or PDF, catering to both digital platforms and print materials.

View all Templates

AI-Powered Visualization for Any Topic

What kinds of posters can be generated using this AI tool?

Navigating design elements and finding the right visual style can be daunting. With Piktochart AI, it’s easy to transform data into high-quality posters . Excellence made simple, just for you.

Event posters

Drum up buzz and awareness for an upcoming event. Piktochart AI transform dense data and information into engaging invitational posters for your events.

Advertising posters

Spark emotions that incite action – whether it is to make a purchase, improve brand opinion, donate to a cause, or make a lifestyle change. With Piktochart AI, it’s achievable at the click of a button.

Conference posters

Inform your audience with a glance about an upcoming conference. Whether it’s for a medical conference, marketing conference, or any conferences, Piktochart AI’s user-friendly poster maker helps you catch the attention of your audience effortlessly.

Ready to use AI to design posters like a pro?

Join more than 11 million people who already use Piktochart to create stunning posters.

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Absolutely – after choosing your preferred template, you’ll move to our editing platform. Here, you can incorporate both images and diagrams from our extensive collection of visuals or upload personal assets. Our AI-driven poster tool is on hand to assist in crafting visuals on par with professional graphic designers.

Every user has the ability to generate up to 4 posters each day, regardless of their subscription level. If you sign up for a free Piktochart account, you get 10 additional AI generations every month. Pro users get 100 AI generations and Business users get 300 AI generations every month. For unlimited editing capabilities and access to more advanced features, upgrading to a premium plan is worth considering.

For optimal outcomes, providing detailed descriptions of your intended theme is key. Experimenting with various prompts may also lead to improved results.

Piktochart AI swiftly prepares your foundation in under 10 seconds based on your poster topic. After generating your poster, easily customize it with additional content or design elements. Explore our guide on

how to create a poster


Signing up is not required until you decide to edit, personalize, or download your design.

Using an AI poster maker ensures quick, professional-quality designs without needing graphic design expertise. It offers templates, customization options, and data integration, making poster creation efficient and accessible for various purposes.

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