JPAN v2/Unusacies Battle Rods/Battlerod (2024)

Battlerods are this mod's main weapon, a fishing pole that can be used to attack.


  • 1 Main concepts
    • 1.1 Fishing Damage
    • 1.2 Bobbers
      • 1.2.1 Bobbing (bob)
      • 1.2.2 Bob Speed
    • 1.3 Reeling
      • 1.3.1 Tensile Strength
      • 1.3.2 Reeling Speed
    • 1.4 Lures
    • 1.5 Crowd Control
      • 1.5.1 Turret Bobbers
    • 1.6 Powered Baits
    • 1.7 Discardable Bobbers
  • 2 Other Concepts
    • 2.1 Life Steal
    • 2.2 Mana Syphon

Fishing Damage

Battlerods use a unique class called the Fishing Class that is applied to both Battlerods, Fishing Knives and the Buddyfish. Items from this mod mostly apply damage upgrades to this class.


Bobbers are the projectile part of the Battlerod, that is your main method of attacking. You click the mouse button for launching bobbers towards the enemy, and if they hit, they get stuck to that enemy. Then, after a while, the bobber does damage on the enemy roughly equal to the damage of the Battlerod divided by the number of bobbers on screen that belong to you.

Bobbing (bob)

Bobbing, or a bob, is the term for every time the bobber does one action, either damage to the enemy or spawning projectiles or auras. If the bobber is attached, each time there is a bob, the enemy will receive damage. If a rod is a crowd control rod, bobbing will cause it to spawn the crowd control projectiles.

Bob Speed

A property of the Battlerod, it is the speed at which damage is dealt to the enemy when attached, and also the speed at which crowd control enabled bobbers create new projectiles and auras.

It is measured in seconds per bob.

The bob speed cannot be lower than 5 in-game ticks, or around 0.08 seconds per bob.


Reeling is the act of trying to pull an enemy towards you by holding the Left Mouse Button while the bobber is stuck on an enemy. If the enemy is bigger in area than the player, the player gets dragged into the enemy. Otherwise, the enemy is pulled towards you. Be aware that, due to what Terraria considers an NPC, some enemies may be partially dragged towards you instead of you being pulled as expected (ie: Worm boss segments).

Reeling also causes the bob speed to double, making the battlerod do double damage for a short period of time.

Tensile Strength

A property of the Battlerod, it is the max amount of reeling one can do before the line breaks.

It is measured in pixels per second (pix/s)

The High Test Fishing Line and the Titanium Wire prevent the line from ever breaking.

Reeling Speed

A property of the Battlerod, it is the acceleration at which the entities are dragged towards each other when reeling.

It is measured in pixels per second squared (pix/s2)


The amount of fishing lines you can have in world at once. Each Battlerod has a number of lures it natively produces when shot, equaling one bobber per lure.

Damage of a battlerod is always divided equally between lures, meaning a 100 damage rod with one lure/bobber would have 50 damage on each bobber if it had two lures.

Multiple accessories (Lures) can be used to increase or decrease the amount of extra fishing lines you have.

Crowd Control

Some battlerods come with a crowd control option, where every X amount of bobs a projectile (or groups of projectiles) is spawned to try and deal damage to nearby enemies (or in the case of some homing projectiles, the stuck enemy as well).

It is possible for these rods to bob without being attached to an enemy, providing area of effect coverage other than the pinpoint damage battlerods usually provide.

Turret Bobbers

While this catch-all term can apply to any bobber with Crowd Control, it most specifically mean crowd control bobber that is not attached to an enemy, or that cannot be attached to an enemy.

Powered Baits

This refers to baits that can be used as ammo by the battlerod that inflicts a debuff on an bobber.stuck enemy. All battlerods can use at least one bait, with some rods being capable of using 2 (up to 4) baits of this kind.

In order for the bait to be used, it must be in the ammo slot. Different sizes of bait produce the same result, they differ only in fishing ability.

For a full list, click here

Discardable Bobbers

This is the second type of ammo a battlerod can use. It consumes one every time the line breaks. They usually spawn some projectile or area of effect around the old stuck entity, such as an explosion.

They need to be equipped in the ammo slot, and only the topmost one gets used. Only one discardable bobber will be used at a time.

In order to use it more effectively, consider that using the Right Mouse Button when you are stuck to an enemy has 90% chance to break the line, regardless of accessories.

For a full list, click here

Life Steal

The draining of a small percentage of damage dealt from enemies into the player's life, healing them. Some battlerods have this natively, and there is a Post-Moonlord accessory that provides this for all rods when equipped.

Mana Syphon

The draining of a small percentage of damage dealt from enemies into the player's mana, restoring some magic power. Some battlerods have this natively, and there is a Post-Moonlord accessory that provides this for all rods when equipped. Life Steal but for Mana.

JPAN v2/Unusacies Battle Rods/Battlerod (2024)
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