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Sai Battler was a special battler unlocked by beating On the Heights in Chapter 2 before being replaced by Template:Unit. She was a battler who could jump over enemies and slash them with Sais in a quick succession.


Sai Battler had a short hair and dual-wield a pair of Sais. She had a black torso and legs, along with yellow skin. Her headband was either red or blue, depending on which side she was on.



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Sai Battler was a versatile battler. Her unique stats and abilites allowed it to fulfill many roles such as baiting attacks from units by going behind enemy lines, preventing high damage enemies such as Template:Unit or Template:Unit from getting to the frontline, shredding bases with her 144 DPS at Level 20, and stalling enemy support from getting to the front line. Along with her great versatility, Sai Battler was incredibly cheap, only costing 300$ on 1 Star, allowing you to use her without fear of wasting too much money. Her recharge wasn't too bad either, so she could be used as a complementary wildcard with your other units.

Sai Battler was not without her limitations, however. She cannot deal with enemies directly on the frontline, nor could she deal with armored enemies such as Template:Unit or Template:Unit. On top of this, her jump ability could be a tad inconvenient at times, being capable of jumping before she could secure kills on the entire enemy backlines if there's a decent stack of enemies. Further inconsistencies with her ability include having a fixed distance of jumping, reducing DPS and decreased survivability. Moreover, if there is a boss alive, she would deal no damage to the enemy base, though this niche is quite limited.


  • Decently fast walkspeed
  • Anti-Black
  • Decent amount of health
  • Has a quick attack rate
  • Can attack backliners most of the time
  • Very efficient rusher
  • Moderately cheap cost
  • Can bait out attacks from slow enemies such as Template:Unit or Template:Unit
  • Can stall enemies behind the frontliners with its jump ability such as Template:Unit
  • Can block and tank projectiles such as by Template:Unit if timed right
  • Has one of the highest DPS in the game
  • Has a quick recharge time


  • Can be killed before reaching enemies
  • Can’t stall frontline enemies due to the jump ability
  • DPS isn’t consistent due to the jump ability
  • Still vulnerable when jumping and can be shot down
  • Can unintentionally jump into danger
  • Jump has a cooldown
  • Cannot jump when close to enemy base
  • Removed



Update History[]



August 20[]


November 17[]



March 23[]


April 29[]



Sai Battler only appeared in Casual and Standard difficulty.Template:Collapse

Chapter 2[]

  1. Surprise Ambush
  2. Over the Hedge
  3. Hot Scotch
  4. Superhot
  5. Air Gets Warmer
  6. On the Heights

Community Pack 2[]

  1. Aerial Defense
  2. Backliners Will Die

Chapter 3[]

  1. Jumpscare Marathon




Sai Battler Enemy Old.png

Enemy Render (Old)

Sai Battler Ingame New.jpg

Sai Battler Ingame (New)

Sai Battler Ingame.png

Sai Battler Ingame (Old)

Sai Battler Jump.gif

Sai Battler jumping (Old)


  • The reason for her and Template:Unit being replaced by Template:Unit and Template:Unit was due to Sai Battler not fitting the theme for Chapter 2. It was said by Bucket she might return some time later.
  • She was the second-ever female battler in the game, coming after Template:Unit.
  • Her jump attack was a reference to Template:Unit in his beta phase before the royal flush update where he did the same thing as Sai Battler.
    • See Template:Unit's gallery
  • Sai Battler was the only known battler who dislikes or at least isn't comfortable with fighting, as shown with her quote.
  • She, along with Template:Unit, used to cost the most to upgrade, even more than Template:Unit.
  • Her death sound came from the roblox library
  • Sai Battler's concept most likely comes from a very old bug showcased by Bucket in the Discord server.



  • Template:Enemy

Treasure Seller is a red enemy introduced in Chapter 2 Tumore. He will now "sell" anything he attacks, instantly removing the unit but also giving the player the same amount the player spent for that unit.


Treasure Seller is a vast improvement over Template:Unit, instead of just attacking once and losing his special gimmick, Treasure Seller will be able to use his Treasure Chest continuously to sell off all your units.

This occasionally becomes a benefit but is mainly a detriment due to its unbounded limit on how many units it can sell.



Leaving nothing but coins, not even the most mighty and massive units like Template:Unit will be spared from his motives to sell everything in his path.

The most effective way to kill Treasure Seller is by using Anti-Red ranged units or just ranged units in general against him, the most notable example is Template:Unit. However, be wary of using Anti-Red melee units like Template:Unit or Template:Unit against Treasure Seller.

Sometimes, Treasure Seller can actually help out the player by selling low health units that are about to die and giving you all of the money back. Although he can resell said low health units, make sure he doesn't sell too many, or your defense will cease to exist and allowing the enemy to have an advantage. If you have too much money to spend with, it is best to remove this threat as fast as possible, as it will be a massive threat from thereon.

If Treasure Seller is right at your base, time units so that it hits them and not the base as it will do BIG damage output against the base.


Template:Enemy Stats


Sai Battler!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! only appears in the Tumore difficulty.Template:Collapse

Chapter 2[]

  1. I Has Your Bucket
  2. Pirate Invasion
  3. Galleons
  4. Gold Rush
  5. Big Catch
  6. Air Gets Warmer
  7. On the Heights

Chapter 3[]

  1. Sea Of Thieves
  2. Red Revenge
  3. Pirate Payload
  4. Ring Of Death




Treasure Seller In-game.png

Sai Battler!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! in-game

Treasure Seller Attack.gif

Sai Battler!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! selling a battler


Treasure Seller deleting Maxwell's shades (notice how it just makes it vanish and doesn't give any money back, same can be said for any other unit that can summon)


  • If Treasure Seller was to attack the Player's base; instead of just selling/insta-killing it, Treasure Seller will just do increased damage instead.
  • Treasure Seller used to be capable of selling off the summons by units such as Template:Unit and Template:Unit giving basically twice the money back and at times being helpful in an ironic sense, however Treasure Seller is no longer able to sell off summons and will just instead delete them without even giving a single dime back.


Staragye woeiyrtg7iwatnugewarf[]

You Don't Dumbass

How To Counter[]

You don't Dumbass




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Sai Battler!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (2024)
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